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May Update

Summer Time!
Welcome Summer Members and thank you to our year round members for keeping it interesting during the summer!! The summer time is the peak growth for our seashore paspalum. The turf starts growing fast April thru October. During these months, we must perform cultural practices such as verticutting, aerification and topdressing of playing surfaces. This helps groom the top surface as well as the root structure you do not see. In May, we deep tine aerified the fairways and tines went 9.5 inches deep. This process created a quarter inch wide by 9.5 inch deep hole that will allow the roots to grow deeper as well as increase drainage and air movement in soil profile.
We will also be selectively treating the common bermudagrass on 1 & 2 fairways. This is a weed in our paspalum fairways that looks a little unpleasing to the eye. We will treat with several chemicals and resod if necessary. We will not harm the paspalum if possible so some areas will just grow in. If area treated is large then we will resod. So bottom line is that you will see some brown areas and it will be the common bermudagrass weed.

Greens aerification will be June 1, August 3 and September 14.
See you on course!

Common bermudagrass being treated on 1 collar