Course Conditions

1.3 inches of rain, 5 cart path only

Another afternoon of thunderstorms and clean up.  Crew is working tirelessly to prep for Florida Senior Open qualifier this morning.  Bunkers are washed out again.  There are several slow draining bunkers that we will have to do some exploratory excavation and repair.  I’m not sure if it is silt in the sand  or the internal drainage needs repaired.  We will schedule this work in August and September.  We have also taken several lightning strikes the past 2 days.  Picture below shows 5 fairway hit on Wednesday.  Thursday storm hit an oak at Clubhouse near front door.

Lightening strike 5 fairway
lightning strike 5 fairway

1 thought on “1.3 inches of rain, 5 cart path only”

  1. Great work Shane! We are drying up here in Columbus now! First time since May we made it more than 3 days with out rain! May turn on the irrigation tonight!

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