Course Conditions

Irma Recovery

It’s been over a week post Irma and the course is starting to come back to normal.  We opened all 18 holes on Saturday only 4 days after the destruction.  Again, this was a total team effort and quite remarkable.  This week we are putting the bunkers back in shape.  They have been flooded and wind damaged.   Bunkers will be a work in progress for a couple of months.  We still have to repair any drainage damage and replenish sand.  Last year the bunkers took the same beating except with less than half the amount of rain.  The green side bunkers that were renovated this summer performed well in the storm.

We still have to finish green side bunkers 1-4 in October.  John Sanford was here this week for redesign of these bunkers  Next we will start on #4 green side bunkers.  Monday we will deep tine aerify the greens which will help soften and improve drainage.  The  tine goes 10-12 inches deep breaking up any compacted layers in the growing medium and extending the life of our growing medium.  We will also start cleaning up beds and stump grind palm stumps.


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