Course Conditions, Disease, Projects

Still Battling

The weather is still a concern this week as it has rained 5 of the last 7 days. The cloud cover and persistent rain showers have increased disease pressure.  Please continue to exit cart paths at white line at end of fairway.  Driving carts around greens will thin turf and lies will deteriorate.  This week we will continue to refresh green side bunkers with new sand.  We are on back 9 today and hopefully weather dependent will finish them this week.  We would then refresh fairway bunkers starting next week.


8 Black Tee cart path expansion
Miguel measuring bunker depths and adding sand to green side bunkers
Cultural Practices, Projects

Root Pruning

I’ve been asked what are those 2 lines around course?  On October 23rd we root pruned around trees to stop tree root competition with our turf.  These areas will heal up in a couple of weeks.

Tree roots compete for water and nutrients against our turf.   This will help turf withstand carts and weather events thru the season.  Even palm tree roots can be found 15 feet from base of a palm.  Tree roots impact all playing surfaces from greens to bunkers.

Root pruner lines hole 4