June 28th update

Good day!

We’ve been getting some much needed rain without impeding our work on the range and course.  We now are on week 3 of range improvements and are heading for the home stretch.  Total Golf is now down to leveling the surfaces in preparation for sod next week.  The range tee is being lasered leveled today and all surrounds are being groomed and smoothed.  Targets will be shaped and ready for sprigs as well.  Drainage has been installed in the chipping green and #1 greenside bunkers. I’m hoping to get the concrete contractor here this week to pour the mat pad and concrete repairs.  They have been delayed due to the rains on other projects so if rain persists we may be delayed.  The pictures below are from yesterday and the range is looking good!

See you on the course!

Shane Wright,CGCS


June 21 Range update

Good Afternoon!

This week the range tee will continue to be lowered about a foot and shaped toward the center of range.  The range tee is being moved back 10 yards toward parking and a new mat will be at the back of the tee.  The putting green is now lowered and shaped.  The construction crew will tie in the putting green area to the new range mat pad/tee area. 

Last week the old range mat was removed and will be repurposed into an artificial sod stacked bunker westside of chipping green.  We are also removing sand from #1 greenside bunkers today to use on the targets in the range.  #1 greenside bunkers will be ground under repair for the next 4 weeks until repaired and resodded.  We also repurposed some of the palm trees that were along the range tee. They were relocated near the garden room area.  A net and additional landscape will be added to the east side of range tee and extended in range 100 ft to help protect errant practice shots from windows and golfers.  We have generated quite a bit of fill that will also be used to help enhance drainage and reshaping the practice area.

See you on the course!

Shane Wright, CGCS