July 20, 2021 update

We are now in week 2 of our range maturation process.  The only headwind is the lack of rain thus far. Last week we only received 0.20 inch of rain and it was hot and windy for the weekend.  The Pro Shop parking area will remain closed because of irrigation overspray that would hit cars.  We irrigate with canal water that contains salt and hard water that will leave unwanted spots on your car. The range tee has been mowed 4 times and is close to its desired height.  The greens were mowed for the first time yesterday and are only at 10% complete toward desired height.  We will continue to mow, roll and topdress them to get them trained to greens height.  It takes time…. The range targets were sprigged and not sodded like the tee and green areas.  This process takes a lot more time for maturation and water is more frequent. 

The range net supplies are starting to be delivered.  We received the bottom part of the net last week. Next week the poles will be delivered and the following week the net is on its way.  We are still scheduled for install by mid August so let’s hope the trucking stays on schedule!  Steps to the range mat pad are scheduled to be installed this Saturday and practice mat will be installed 1st week of August.  Thank you for your patience in allowing the process to mature.  

See you on the course!

Shane Wright,CGCS

Range tee
Putting green mowed at .500 at day 7

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