Course Conditions

Lake Turnover

Dear Member,

You may have noticed that we had a minor fish kill in the lake between #4 and #7. This is a natural occurrence and is called “lake turnover.” Lake turnovers generally occur during the summer. During the hot weather, the surface water of the lake warms much faster than the deeper water. This results in a temporary layering effect, with warm water on top and cool water underneath. This is called stratification. Because the top layer has constant access to the atmosphere, it tends to have more oxygen than the bottom layer even though it’s warmer. We did receive 0.35 inches of rain on Saturday and the winds have picked up as well. These types of events break the stratification causing the two layers to mix. Once this happens the mix action can result in low dissolved oxygen levels throughout the water column and a fish kill can occur. We also haven’t run the tractor pump on #5 to move water because of the severe drought causing the Front 9 ponds to be poorly circulated.  

See you on the course,

Shane Wright, CGCS

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