Course Conditions, Cultural Practices

Be careful what you ask for….

We’ve had two Monday closings and the only aerification that we’ve done is solid tining greens last Monday.  Last Sunday, we received 2 inches of rain and today we’re heading to 4 inches of rain.  We will just try and aerify tees and fairway’s the next two closings.

A 100 percent chance of showers is expected Monday, with possible thunderstorms before 2 p.m. and before 8 p.m., weather officials said. Some of the storms could bring heavy rainfall.

Tuesday through Saturday will have a 70 percent chance of showers. Temperatures throughout the week will fluctuate between the low 80s and low 70s.

I would expect some cart path only conditions over the next few days.


Course Conditions, Cultural Practices

Topdressing fairways

We topdressed fairway wet spots on 2,4,5 fairways today. Tomorrow we will do 7,8,11 and 13. Hopefully by Friday all wet areas will be topdressed after the 2.5 inches of rain from Saturday. The course played great on Sunday for the Pro Am. We were already over 30 inches of rain above normal.

Sand applications over time will firm the wet surfaces for improved playability and drainage. We use a drag brush to work into canopy of turf.

The last 3 mornings we have dipped below 30. The course will be off color until night time temperatures increase back into the 60’s for an extended time. Enjoy the crisp nights before we know it summer will be here!

Cultural Practices, Projects

Root Pruning

I’ve been asked what are those 2 lines around course?  On October 23rd we root pruned around trees to stop tree root competition with our turf.  These areas will heal up in a couple of weeks.

Tree roots compete for water and nutrients against our turf.   This will help turf withstand carts and weather events thru the season.  Even palm tree roots can be found 15 feet from base of a palm.  Tree roots impact all playing surfaces from greens to bunkers.

Root pruner lines hole 4

Cultural Practices

June 29 Closing

Finally got a good amount of rain over an inch!!  The course was really dry with no rain and 90 degree temperatures.

Greens:  Solid tine (3/4″) aerification with heavy topdress.  Greens will be rolled and by Friday should be pretty smooth.  The greens needed the compaction relief and some sand dilution for thatch.


I verticut the Tees and Approaches which helps with firmness and thatch reduction.  Soil amendments were added as well for microbe health and root stimulation

Bermuda grass treatment on 1 fairway.  Necessary to eradicate common bermudagrass
Bermuda grass treatment on 1 fairway. Necessary to eradicate common bermudagrass
Fairways:  We verticut the Front 9 Fairways today and will continue tomorrow until all Fairways are verticut

Bunkers:  We edged bunkers thru 14 today.  We will go thru bunker edges working on depths and firmness this week

Dragging in sand after solid tine verification
Dragging in sand after solid tine verification
Cultural Practices

June 22 Closing

The course could use some rain, but I don’t want to complain and receive 20 inches in 2 weeks.  We are dry with no rain in 12 days and 90 degree temps is causing some “Chambers Bay” brown on the course.  I’m sure the rain will be here before we know it and green up will come. 

Greens-verticut and brushed.  10 chipping green and club chipping green were aerified as trial for next weeks green aerification.  It will be 3/4″ solid tine with heavy topdress to prepare greens for July 17th qualifier.  

Tees and approaches:  topdressed

Fwys: aerified and circle cut