July 20, 2021 update

We are now in week 2 of our range maturation process.  The only headwind is the lack of rain thus far. Last week we only received 0.20 inch of rain and it was hot and windy for the weekend.  The Pro Shop parking area will remain closed because of irrigation overspray that would hit cars.  We irrigate with canal water that contains salt and hard water that will leave unwanted spots on your car. The range tee has been mowed 4 times and is close to its desired height.  The greens were mowed for the first time yesterday and are only at 10% complete toward desired height.  We will continue to mow, roll and topdress them to get them trained to greens height.  It takes time…. The range targets were sprigged and not sodded like the tee and green areas.  This process takes a lot more time for maturation and water is more frequent. 

The range net supplies are starting to be delivered.  We received the bottom part of the net last week. Next week the poles will be delivered and the following week the net is on its way.  We are still scheduled for install by mid August so let’s hope the trucking stays on schedule!  Steps to the range mat pad are scheduled to be installed this Saturday and practice mat will be installed 1st week of August.  Thank you for your patience in allowing the process to mature.  

See you on the course!

Shane Wright,CGCS

Range tee
Putting green mowed at .500 at day 7

July 6 Update

Good morning!

We aerified the greens yesterday to allow air and water movement in the greens profile.  The greens will be “sandy” for the next week.  The forecast is rain from TS Elsa the next few days.   The range project is scheduled to be grassed this week and delays could happen if heavy rain persists.  We will continue to work diligently to finish the improvement as the weather allows!

Photo below shows #9 green profile with an aerification channel.  This allows roots to grow as well as water and oxygen to move in the profile.  Also note the sod layer from 2019 (dark bottom layer).  Aerification allows us to break these layers to give proper green soil function.  

See you on the course!

Shane Wright, CGCS


June 21 Range update

Good Afternoon!

This week the range tee will continue to be lowered about a foot and shaped toward the center of range.  The range tee is being moved back 10 yards toward parking and a new mat will be at the back of the tee.  The putting green is now lowered and shaped.  The construction crew will tie in the putting green area to the new range mat pad/tee area. 

Last week the old range mat was removed and will be repurposed into an artificial sod stacked bunker westside of chipping green.  We are also removing sand from #1 greenside bunkers today to use on the targets in the range.  #1 greenside bunkers will be ground under repair for the next 4 weeks until repaired and resodded.  We also repurposed some of the palm trees that were along the range tee. They were relocated near the garden room area.  A net and additional landscape will be added to the east side of range tee and extended in range 100 ft to help protect errant practice shots from windows and golfers.  We have generated quite a bit of fill that will also be used to help enhance drainage and reshaping the practice area.

See you on the course!

Shane Wright, CGCS


May 9 update

18 rock wall is starting to pick up steam as the bottom course is now almost complete.

I would anticipate the rock wall to be finished by next Wednesday and soil and grading finish in another week.

The staff finished 2 fairway bunker and has started on 4 Fwy bunker as of today. Sod is expected this Tuesday.

Monday was our first closing and we solid tined aerify the greens followed by 2 vertical mowings and topdressing. Greens are putting in the slow side because of these practices and will improve as the week progresses.

4 Fwy bunker nose removal Vertical mowing “verticutting”Verticutting lines2 Fwy bunker awaiting Sod 2 Fwy drainage


2 inches of Rain 

Course is closed again.  We have received 10 inches of rain since the weekend. The below picture show tropical waves heading our way in the next few weeks.  

A Flood Watch is now in effect for the Treasure Coast through Thursday night. Windy conditions will continue through our area into tomorrow. These winds will produce hazardous beach and boating conditions. Our rain chances are high with rainfall amounts of up to 2-4 inches possible through Thursday night.

Impacts expected:

    High surf with hazardous beach conditions.

    Minor coastal flooding is expected through Friday.

    Heavy rainfall during the next 48 hours.

    The tropics remain active and everyone should remain vigilant through the end of hurricane season, which is November 30.

    The National Hurricane Center is monitoring a new tropical depression (TD 16) located over the southwestern Caribbean Sea (90L) that should be nearing the coast of Nicaragua early Thursday.

    The depression is expected to become a tropical storm later today or tonight.

    The next name on the Atlantic hurricane list is Nate.

    As this system moves into the Gulf of Mexico there is a possibility for landfall anywhere between New Orleans, LA and Tampa, FL as either a tropical storm or possibly a hurricane.