July 13 update

Total Golf worked all weekend to get the range area grassed and completed. There was a couple day delay with rains from T.S. Elsa flooded the sod farm and delayed harvesting.  We are now in the “grow in” stage of the renovation. In the next 6 to 8 weeks, the grass will go from 1 inch of sod or sprigs to being cut below .100 of inch for the greens and ready to roll!  Time is the biggest factor outside of sunlight, water, nutrients, sand and mowers to achieve our desired goal of a putting green/teeing surface.  The new turf has to root and become mature enough to withstand practice shots and foot traffic for putting.  So please stay off the work area as the turf is being kept wet and damage could occur.  #1 Greenside bunkers were renovated and are finished as well.  The bunkers are ground under repair and please drop out of the area no closer to the hole.  The bunker slopes are loose as the sod is being established.  Periodic watering everyday is being performed to help with establishment of the turf. 

We are now awaiting the range net company to install netting at the east side of tee and eastern side of range along #9.  Material has been ordered and in 2021 fashion is backordered.  The range mat will be installed the first week of August along with a paver path and concrete repairs.  Always weather dependent, I still believe the range should be open at the end of August assuming the netting will be delivered and installed. Thank you for your patience in allowing the turf to mature! 

See you on the course!

Shane Wright, CGCS

Course Conditions


When entering bunkers always enter low side of bunkers. John Sanford our course architect designed the bunkers with a bullnose on edge making high points steep. The sod is less than 9 months old and some slopes may not be rooted 100%. This will avoid any trip/fall situations.

Rakes should also be left ½ in ½ out for ease of retrieving.

Our goal for summer 2018 is to renovate fairway bunkers for reduced maintenance and sand/drainage upgrades.

See you on course!

Shane Wright, CGCS


11 & 15 projects

Today we started on 15 fairway pot bunker. The bunker was eroded and infested with roots. Overtime from wind, rain and golf activity a bunker looses its shape. We are getting the Sod from 11 gold tee area that will be raised and coquina cart path added.

Knocking 2 birds out with one stone…11 Tee improvement with 15 bunker improvement!!! Win Win!

11 Tee rough to be raised and coquina added

Course Conditions, Projects

Bunker edge compacting

We rented a plate compactor the last 2 weeks to tamp the bunker edges of all greenside bunkers. We added new sand after Hurricane Irma. The sand is called G-The angularity and larger particle size of G/Angle not only increases playability, but also significantly reduces bunker maintenance costs.G/Angle bunker sand will: • PROVIDE GREATER WIND RESISTANCE TO DECREASE PRODUCT LOSS • STAY IN PLACE BETTER ON STEEP BUNKER FACES DUE TO INTERLOCKING PARTICLES • PROVIDE EXCELLENT DRAINAGE • REDUCE THE FREQUENCY AND SEVERITY OF WASH-OUTS • DECREASE LABOR EFFORTS NEEDED TO COMPACT / FIRM-UP BUNKERS

Course Conditions, Disease, Projects

Still Battling

The weather is still a concern this week as it has rained 5 of the last 7 days. The cloud cover and persistent rain showers have increased disease pressure.  Please continue to exit cart paths at white line at end of fairway.  Driving carts around greens will thin turf and lies will deteriorate.  This week we will continue to refresh green side bunkers with new sand.  We are on back 9 today and hopefully weather dependent will finish them this week.  We would then refresh fairway bunkers starting next week.


8 Black Tee cart path expansion

Miguel measuring bunker depths and adding sand to green side bunkers

Course Conditions, Projects

Hole 7

We finished 2 right greenside bunker this week.  We will start on 3 greenside bunkers next Tuesday.  

The crew turned their attention to hole 7 coquina area.  The oleanders were removed from Irma.  The guys are leveling and reshaping this area.  We will Sod a section of 7 cart path and coquina will go down in palm area.