Course Conditions, Cultural Practices

Topdressing fairways

We topdressed fairway wet spots on 2,4,5 fairways today. Tomorrow we will do 7,8,11 and 13. Hopefully by Friday all wet areas will be topdressed after the 2.5 inches of rain from Saturday. The course played great on Sunday for the Pro Am. We were already over 30 inches of rain above normal.

Sand applications over time will firm the wet surfaces for improved playability and drainage. We use a drag brush to work into canopy of turf.

The last 3 mornings we have dipped below 30. The course will be off color until night time temperatures increase back into the 60’s for an extended time. Enjoy the crisp nights before we know it summer will be here!

Course Conditions

Cart exit of fairways 

A quick reminder that carts must exit fairway before white lines at end of fairway.  Please do not drive carts around green surrounds.  Keeping carts on path around tees and greens protects the turfgrass from being damaged and beaten down.  Carts should also remain on paths par 3 holes as well.  

Thanks for preserving the course!

Course Conditions

Course Cleanup

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday was a special day for me as all departments were represented in the clean up of course!  So proud and grateful for the help from my work family.  You win with people and VBCC has a great staff.

The canal is still very high and this is impeding our drainage to holes 10-13.  These holes are still saturated and have standing water in the drains.  This has delayed our opening of the Back 9 to Friday.  This will allow more drain time and a more safe environment for golfers (snakes and gators).  The range will be open tomorrow.  The Front 9 should be open on Saturday if flood waters recede on 4,5 and 8.  Any rain will delay us by a day.

The amount of debris is unthinkable and crews are working tirelessly in 90 degree temperatures to restore course.  I still have several team members stranded in their neighborhoods because of flood waters.  We have also been delayed in our cultural practices because of Irma.  We were supposed to aerify greens on Monday.  We will need to be closed every Monday to catch up on greens maintenance. Our weed control program has been delayed for 2 weeks so weed levels will be higher than normal.  The turf never stops.

Pictures below from this morning.

Canal rapids

Hole 8 still not passable


13 Tee still flooded


6 green was flooded